Acqueon EngagementCallback Manager (iAssist)

Shift inbound demand to outbound callbacks

Staying on hold with the contact center

is a thing of the past.

  • The long queue of disloyalty

  • Rising service delivery costs

  • Inability to handle peak loads

Purposeful and well-timed callbacks can be a goldmine of positive experiences.

Reach customers whenever they want you to

  • Offers multimedia callback options at the convenience of customers
  • Reduces heavy inbound call volume

What makes Acqueon Engagement Callback Manager unique?

  • Web-integration for callback options

  • Different callback options for different segments

  • Real-time queue positions, even after disconnection

  • Reserve agents before reaching out to customers


The Acqueon iAssist Callback Manager Datasheet

Don’t allow crucial leads to lose their way because of long queues

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