Acqueon Agentless Dialing

Leverage pre-recorded voice messages to engage customers more efficiently across sales, service, and collections – without involving agents. Acqueon Agentless dialing increases agent performance by using an IVR to dial and carry out the initial segment of the call.

What is agentless dialing?

Agentless dialing uses an outbound IVR to reach out to customers. It uses Call Progress Detection and Answering Machine Detection to identify – if connected to a live person, fax, or answering machine and take action accordingly. Many regulations require the recipient to be able to connect to a live person.

What is agentless dialing

Why agentless dialing?

Agentless dialing ensures that voice messages are delivered as per customer segments – based on age, location, income level, etc. It helps manage high outbound call volumes without burdening agents. It also gathers post-live call customer feedback in an unintrusive manner to strengthen engagement. Besides, agentless dialing lowers maintenance and support costs.

Why agentless dialing

Give back time to agents to deliver more value

Acqueon Agentless dialing frees agents’ time by automating dialing and segments of the communication. Agents no longer need to directly connect with your customers at every step of their journey. With Acqueon Agentless dialing, you can control the pace of automated dialing to ensure agents are available if and when customers want to talk to a person.

Give back time to agents to deliver more value

Accelerate sales and marketing outreach

Acqueon Agentless dialing triggers pre-recorded messages to inform customers proactively without direct agent involvement. Customers can receive delivery notifications, update their profiles, get notified of upcoming events, and receive personalized offers. Acqueon Agentless dialing also lets you callback immediately and at scale customers and prospects who have expressed an interest in your product offerings.

Accelerate sales and marketing outreach

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