Acqueon Identity for trusted communications

In a world plagued by robocalling and fraudsters, Acqueon Identity enables consumers and brands to mutually authenticate each other by leveraging mobile phones and apps. The results? Better, trusted conversations.

Leveraging smartphones for faster verification

  • Combine your mobile device and apps for increased security and faster verification
  • Leverage the biometric capabilities of your smartphone: pin code, phone thumbprint, or facial recognition
  • Combine them with the secured connection of your mobile app
  • Enable mutual verification between your brand and your customer
smarphone biometrics

Reduce fraud for incoming calls

  • Use on-device biometric recognition for a quick, automatic, and seamless verification experience to authenticate your customers
  • Use the secured connection of your mobile app for the transparent identification of callers
  • Discontinue the use of customer security question prompts
  • Remove friction from the authentication process
reduce fraud with identity verification

Boost Right Party Contact with branded notifications

  • Send branded messages to notify your customers before calling them
  • Use your mobile app to add an extra layer of verification
  • Customers can take your call or choose to call you back later
  • Differentiate from robocalls to increase Right Party Contact by 10x
branded notifications increase right party contact rates

Uniquely designed to empower your agents

  • Customer authentication is performed transparently before the agent receives the call
  • Remove agent exposure to any sensitive information
  • Streamline the authentication process for a better experience
  • Improve your customer service agent productivity
transparent contact center authentication

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