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Automating & Optimizing the Consumer Banking Experience

Empowering Banks to Better Serve Customers & Increase Upsells/Cross-sells

With Acqueon’s conversational engagement and analytics solutions, banks are equipped with advanced campaign orchestration and actionable intelligence capabilities, which yield higher performance across the board – including better sales conversion, higher CSAT scores and higher collections rates.

  • Support Management

    Agents gain full customer journey visualization, historical purchasing context, next-best-action recommendations and campaign orchestration capabilities to anticipate viable upsell/cross-sell opportunities.

  • Collections Management

    When customers are late on payments, payment reminders are automatically sent via text and email. Consumers can authorize payment right from the message via "click" or "push here" features.

  • Fraud Management

    Banks can automatically send alerts via email, phone or text to consumers when uncharacteristic purchases are made. Customers can even approve or disapprove charges right from their device.

  • Compliance Management

    The automatic dialer self-configures to help you keep track of compliance restrictions and avoid unnecessary infractions.

Feature Highlights

  • Campaign Orchestration

    Intelligent outbound campaign management with personalized outreach based on the preferred channels and time/day of every contact.

  • Customer Journey Visualization

    Agents can visualize the customer's full journey across all interaction channels before making contact. Customers won't be asked old questions or forced to repeat information.

  • Next-best Action

    The system automatically determines how and when customers should be contacted (by understanding historical purchasing/incident context) to optimize closure and collection rates.

  • Best Time to Engage

    Agents know the best day and time to contact customers and prospects (via voice, SMS and email) based on their preferences.

  • Right Party Contact

    All customer contact information is validated automatically, providing a verification status (on a scale of 100 points) to improve contact rates.

  • Predictive Alerts

    Our predictive engine notifies the outbound dialer about the buying propensity of customers, enabling agents to automatically add them to upsell campaign lists.

  • Unified List Management

    Flexible calling lists are automatically maintained to reflect up-to-date customer status and payment details (for inbound, outbound and blended contacts).


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