AcqueonUnified Admin

Contact Center provisioning and management made easy

Contact center administration

can be outrageously complex and time-consuming.

  • Excessive dependency on technology staff

  • Multiple disparate administration interfaces

  • Complicated and time-consuming processes

Ever wondered why there isn't a simpler solution?

Contact Center Provisioning and Management made effortless

  • Equips business and non-technical users with a simple graphical user interface
  • Complex administration tasks in minutes, even with limited technical skills
  • Frees you from the task of managing disparate administration interfaces

How can you benefit from it?

  • Access all day-to-day UC and CC admin tools in one place

  • Configure agents, skills, attributes, voicemail, wrap-up codes, teams, and campaigns in one interface

  • Agility to perform complex administration tasks with limited technical skills

What makes Acqueon Unified Admin unique?

  • Native integration with Cisco CC and UC applications

  • Agile and simple - designed for non-technical users

  • Remote and web-based - anywhere, anytime access

  • Secure, scalable, and adaptive to any business need


The Acqueon Unified Admin Datasheet