Consolidated contact center and business analytics to improve decision making

Decision-making is hard and stressful

when stifled with too much data from multiple sources

  • Disparate data silos in multiple systems, generating large customer datasets

  • Bottlenecks in translating complex spreadsheets into actionable reports

  • Inability to predict trends and customer behaviour to deliver value in support

But data has all the answers. You just need Acqueon Analytics to discover!

Unearth multichannel insights at the right time

  • Unifies channel data into one view, reducing manual effort by 60%
  • Discovers actionable, cross-channel insights for better conversion
  • Performs root cause analysis and measures contact center performance real time
  • Offers advanced user experience with best graphical interface and visualization
  • Consolidates contact center and business analytics into one umbrella

How can you benefit from it?

  • Real-time insights for faster, data-based decisions

  • Assess and streamline operational performance

  • Interact with data, identify trends and patterns

  • Analyze customer effort scores to improve satisfaction levels

What makes Acqueon Analytics unique?

  • Native integration with Cisco CC and UC applications

  • Remote and web-based - anywhere, anytime access

  • Agile and simple; designed for non-technical users

  • Secure, scalable, and adaptive to any business need


The Acqueon Analytics Datasheet