Acqueon Telehealth Assistant

2-Way Automated Appointment Scheduling for Increased Patient Convenience and Satisfaction

Making the Telehealth Experience a Snap

The Acqueon Telehealth Assistant enables patients to receive advanced medical notifications, reminders, and schedule their medical care appointments. Native integration with Epic means patients can contact their medical practitioner, opt to receive 2-Way SMS messages via their mobile phone and schedule their own appointments – freeing up healthcare staff to tend to other critical patient needs.

Driving Connected Care Adoption

Acqueon campaign management capabilities let you target with precision patients who should be offered telehealth options. Contextual text messages offer the ability to explore a telehealth option by simply clicking on a URL. No apps, no download needed. Acqueon compliance toolkit lets you create promotions respectful of customer privacy.

Seamless Scheduling Experience

Scheduling a patient appointment has never been easier. Acqueon Telehealth Assistant lets you combine 2-way text and conversational bot dialogs to gather information, check prerequisites and book appointment by checking a practitioner’s availability.

Managing the Appointment Workflow

With medical appointment no-shows in excess of 20%, scheduled appointments need to be managed to ensure they happen to minimize wasting practitioners’ time. Acqueon Telehealth Assistant is integrated with Acqueon Engagement to send reminders, offer reschedules, or callbacks as needed.

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