Proactive Communications during the Pandemic

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has created strains on consumer, patient, and citizen-facing organizations now faced with a larger volume of inquiries and a greater need for outreach.

Spikes of incoming calls

Many industries such as Healthcare, Travel, Education, or Public Services are getting bursts of calls congesting their contact centers. Using callback, you can offer urgent callers to be called as soon as associates become available or schedule callbacks for less critical questions. You can also send proactive notifications to avoid unnecessary calls.

Disrupted supply chains

Whenever a supply chain gets disrupted, it triggers an exceptional amount of communications. Acqueon campaign manager tool helps manage the communications with existing and alternate suppliers to check on the situation. It can also automate the sharing of information with the demand side.

Management of critical resources

Arranging drive-through medical testing or store pickups are just a few examples of activities to coordinate with critical resources best allocated using appointment setting. Acqueon Engagement helps reschedule non-urgent appointments and handle the increased volume of rescheduling. Contextual or location-based notifications can minimize no-shows and coordinate last-mile pick-up.

Proactive notifications

Targeted notifications let you deliver tailored communications to your customers, employees, and suppliers. From informing consumers of home delivery options, through spinning up curbside pickup for contactless delivery, Acqueon software lets you quickly assemble a list of contacts and send 2-way messages. Communication can include a call to action or an in-person follow-up.


Increased financial pressure on existing businesses turns collections into a critical process. Acqueon Engagement helps you run effective collections, targeting in priority debtors with the highest likelihood to pay, providing options to the others, and re-assuring constituents late with their payments about the continuity of critical services.